Centuries of Eloise

EloisePhoneChanneled the original Doyen of the Plaza for a new article-sized dose of time-traveling snacks and treats, curtesy of the New York Public Library‘s newly digitized selection of menus. Come swan around with me, nibbling patties of frog legs and sipping every last mint julep we can get our hands on. As my dear friend’s three year old daughter queried this past weekend, “What about raisins?!” Indeed, we’d kindly like a silver dish of those too please! Thank you!

Of Tosca, Change and Booing

booSpeakers deliberated on the phenomenon of the boo, even demonstrating and analyzing the acoustic carrying power of the word itself … a sign of passion preferable to quiet muttering. “[It’s] a good thing that’s creating a conversation about the nature of what we’re doing,” [Bartlett Sher] Via The Metropolitan Opera, read more