Anesthesia to the Maximum I Could Take


toesI spent all day today staring up at the sky or sometimes down into the sand, often asleep, on the Jersey shore. I was with some friends, a couple new and one old. I am jealous of the new ones, their tender hearts, their special loves, all that hope and promise. They are so poised!

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We Each Honor Madonna’s Birthday in Our Own Way

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 7.53.07 PMInfo: You are now chatting with ‘Heidi’
Heidi: Hi CC. How are you today?
CC: Hi there Heidi, I’m interested in this spiked bustier, is it available? Thanks!!
Heidi: One sec and I’ll look this up for you.  
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Papa Bungard Has Invited You To Join Twitter!

Papa BungardI am a Luddite–a fine-boned little hermit in love with rosemary-infused oils and walk-up apartments that boast thick, sturdy walls. I was born 70-100 years after the time I should have arrived and thus quite naturally hold a mounting suspicion of modem (why doesn’t it make this sound anymore? This holy, plinking sound of things starting up?) my “phone” (it is good, I have found, to periodically erase everything on it and start over. Mourning nothing, I relish the clean slate) and I believe in the life-affirming qualities of salt. Continue reading