Enough Already.

photo (78)Everyone just shut up and paint.

It is good to paint with oil or acrylic or watercolor or even with pencils that respond to water. If you paint with all of that you are the best, just like me. You can add some beads too if you have them handy.

Goodbye forever!

Utada Hikaru, You Were My Only Friend

utada_hikaruTook an all-expense not-paid roadtrip back to Hong Kong this morning, complete with bubble tea, dumplings, far away smoldering looks into the sky under heavy-lidded eyes, dreams of typhoons, and all that music by Utada Hikaru, who broke out in the summer of 1997. Utada—your pain! Your throaty longing! All your wild hair! Sister, you are not of Hong Kong but we loved you then and I still do. Continue reading

Franklin Evans; or, The Inebriate

whitman2What a good thing it is to start Sunday with a close reading of the essay Whitman Drunk by Michael Warner, part of the weighty academic tome, much thumbed and at my bedside for it is quite the resource, Publics and Counterpublics.
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