Woah, This Mustard!

Happy_smiley_faceThere is this mustard in the world that makes people crazy. People love it so much they lose themselves. I certainly did. We all go kind of crazy. I once split a whole jar with another person in a single sitting. A whole jar of mustard?? For lunch!? We were out of control. We did not regain control until we had re-entered the store to buy two more jars.
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Roll of Mustard, Hear My Cry

mustardI am in a major first romance. I am 36 years old: a stock-taking point in life. A point at which you begin to understand the broad contours of the things you will and will not have: the career as it has taken shape, the dreams as they have fallen away, the places you have visited but will probably never see again. Via The Farmer General, read more