We Each Honor Madonna’s Birthday in Our Own Way

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Heidi: Hi CC. How are you today?
CC: Hi there Heidi, I’m interested in this spiked bustier, is it available? Thanks!!
Heidi: One sec and I’ll look this up for you.  
CC: I feel the ownership of this bustier to be a moral imperative.
LOL… 100% agreed!
CC: Riiiigghht??
CC: It is killing me.
Heidi: i am not finding it. Can I get the style number and I’ll look up the available inventory.
CC: If I can buy it, I will wear it and ultimately be buried in it.
Heidi: Love it!
CC: looks like there is only one. it is called “vintage creamsicle bustier”
Heidi: Hmmm…  ok
Heidi: one sec
CC: there is no label and it is estimated to be size s or m
CC: And it is everything.
Heidi: I am soo sad for you .  I feel like someone just snatched it from you.  I’m not finding it anywhere>  😦
CC: oh dear oh my god years YEARS of therapy are required… YEARS!!
CC: It is no longer available?? ahhhh I am sobbing
Heidi: I feel your pain.
Heidi: I am so sorry.
CC: Thank you for your help. I salute the good man woman or child who has snapped this up.
Heidi: lol… good attitude!
CC: Thank you.
Heidi: I would hunt them down. 😉
Heidi: You are welcome!
Heidi: Have a great day
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CC: OK, but it will be hard to type through the tears… I shall try… one must always try…