Singing in the (Chinese) Rain

musicianWhy not stroll down the street in China and pay more attention to the music all around you? Why not interview some of those folk? Why not then produce it as best you can from your beat up yet still overpriced Beijing apartment while you quietly panic about the price of noodles? Why not overcome your panic and celebrate early efforts, all earnest interests, in this cruel, hardboiled world? Another Radio Magnetic audio postcard.

China’s Red Tourism

andy_warhol-mao_9China: a capitalist country flying the communist flag. Red monuments and memorabilia: could be a good dime in that. So come along to Jinggangshan and other hotspots of revolutionary fervor where reform-era tourists are paying serious yuan to wear and stare at Red Army gear. Via Asia and Away, read more

“This is Our Way In”

peacMasters thesis turned academic journal article, read on for how China’s grassroots environmental organizations of the early ’00s explored new parameters and directions for broader social action. Could be useful reading for those comparing the current context, now ten years on. Via Government and Opposition, read more