Sing for Your Life: The National Council Auditions

2010NATCOwinners_1046Nathaniel Peake distinguished himself early on with a rich, earnest delivery of “Ah, la paterna mano” from Verdi’s Macbeth, while Rachel Willis-Sørensen provided a searching account of “Einsam in trüben Tagen” from Wagner’s Lohengrin. Via The Metropolitan Opera, read more

Kentridge: “Are both a credible nose?”

thenoseII“We knew we wanted the nose dancing and we had the footage of Anna Pavlova. But in the film she is a white figure against a black background,” Kentridge said, explaining the difficulties of creating the best effect for projection. “We inverted the image so she becomes a negative, a dark figure against a white background. We animated that with the nose on top of her, and then re-inverted the image.” Via The Metropolitan Opera, read more

Maestro Muti in Attila Rehearsals

mutiMaestro Riccardo Muti lightly raised his baton and then paused. “I know I am supposed to say I am very happy to be here, but it is true—I am very happy to be here.” Then he began leading the orchestra through the Attila prelude. Occasionally he stopped, injecting quick direction: “Don’t delay.” “It’s a bit faster.” “Now! Fortissimo! Boom!” Via The Metropolitan Opera, read more

Oh, You Know, Just the Met’s First-Ever Cocktail Competition

cocktailsNearby, Ryan McGrale of the Flatiron Lounge balanced rose petals atop his cocktail. “The petal represents what Hoffmann went through,” McGrale commented. “His struggle with love. I thought, what would I want to drink if I were in his shoes? Something strong, a bit tender, but doesn’t go down easy,” McGrale said, pushing his glass forward. “We’ve all been there.” Via The Metropolitan Opera, read more