Be “Warm”! And “Competent”! Now!

Lizza-Hillary-Clinton-1200Fantastic new article just out in The New Yorker, parsing Hillary’s struggle to find balance in public perception– one that can take her seriously as a warm, personable candidate as well as a competent one. It’s not a struggle a man in the same position faces. Who, anyway, is asking them to “play the grandpa card”? The culture of this country makes me shudder.

From Allyson Hobbs’ New Yorker piece, which presents the broader divide all women, and only women, face:

“A recent series of psychology studies by Princeton professor Susan Fiske showed that women who present traditionally feminine traits (stay-at-home moms, for example) are viewed as warm, but not competent, and are treated dismissively. Women considered less traditionally feminine (including lesbians, athletes, feminists, and working women) are not thought of as warm, but are perceived to be competent, and face a more antagonistic form of sexism. Women, unlike men, are rarely perceived as warm and competent, which, as Fiske explains, puts them in a ‘catch-22 situation.’” Read more via The New Yorker.