usagidoshiBig news! A dear Japanese friend and I are, always have been, and always will be mad izakaya eaters, bopping and hopping from spot to spot in a NYC that is happily packed with interesting options. We were down in the East Village last night at this great place called Teshigotoya, reading copies of Chopsticks and anxiously waiting for our delicious meal to arrive, when we just though you know what?

We need to be covering this better. There are a million amazing izakaya across New York, but not enough people know where they are or what to order when they get there. Ergo– Hoppie Hopper. We’ll be updating it regularly; the survey and calendar-focused site just got its start today.

Hoppie is a low-alcohol content beer made popular in Japan during the difficult post-war years. Its devoted fans bought the beer cheap and bombed it with shochu. That’s exactly how most places in New York that offer hoppie serve it today. When paired with all the thoughtful bites on offer in an excellent izakaya, where hours melt away and conversation just flows over plate and glass, a hoppie is the perfect quencher. Hoppie Hopper, well. We just couldn’t resist.

— The two biggest izakaya nerds in the history of the world.