Incantation of Two

imgresI love that you do what you do
With holy rolling thunder.
And so from out the books to bring
A holy new high plunder.

It does not bother me at all
To praise you to the skies.
For well do I know underneath–
Just bones and teeth and eyes.

I look at you and see again
Another lover make.
Just touched down in New Orleans
My heart release its take.

Equivocate then contemplate
I bring the two as one.
You proselytize a newer form
But I’ll take all the fun.

And with a shoulder broadly played
And with a bra strap showing.
Your in-laws pray beside me now
Yet not at all in knowing.

How fresh again it feels to me
How very good to see you.
A girl can make mistakes before
Her woman’s limits few.

Embarrassed as I may have been
To spread my Hyatt legs
I come to you full well adorned–
The heart is but a peg.