Ok, I Will Hunt With You

brave little diverForgetful houndstooth
And nary a sweater
For walking the whippoorwills
In this kind of weather.

First a tea and three lollies
Go down in the drag
To sweeten the stow and
Raise the red flag.

And a fire for courage
And a loafer for luck
Not two but just one
To help carry the duck.

Now bundle up large
Take umbrella and shearling
To throw overhead
When in runs the yearling.

I’ve loaded the gun
With cupcakes and twine
And packed a good lunch
Of peppered mulled wine.

By noon we should be there
We’ll be shooting by 3
A fine Hollywood caper
For slap of the knee.

There’ll be romance and intrigue
There’ll be chases galore
And when we are done
We’ll just head to the store

To sell all our catches,
Our finds and our reel.
It’s rare they’ve seen footage
At this low-price, a steal!

We make quite the team,
The wild world awaits.
Now where are the
Vinegar-lime honeycakes?

And we can’t possibly shoot without
Larded lump clay
Or staples or paperclips
A desk for a day

And where is my tree trunk?
I last left it here.
Has anyone seen my
Spare can of fear?

I cannot I will not
I simply I won’t
It’s scary outside.
I’d prefer if we don’t

Swing open the door
And face the new day
Here, I’ll just put
All these old things away.