Anna Netrebko, Woman of Winter

annaCurrently — this very minute — killing it on the Met stage in the role of Adina in Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’Amore is Russian soprano Anna Netrebko, who took a break between acts this afternoon to speak with a radio host about, um, that photo that’s been circulating online.

Undaunted, despite a mini internet backlash including one Russian assertion that she “appears to be suffering from rickets”, Netrebko graciously answered the host’s question that was, essentially, what were you thinking? Anna Netrebko, my dedication to you blooms ever forth:

AN: “Well, I’m crazy you know. I was so excited to see finally some snow. You know that I am Russian and I love winter. We don’t get much snow. Maybe when I saw it I said okay, let’s do this. It won’t make you sick.”

Host: “It won’t?”

AN: “No. What you need to do is just jump into the hot shower and then drink maybe a little vodka. It’s fine. It’s healthy.”