Of Earnest, Lovely Efforts

bugRemember that super, super jejune time when you were fresh out of wherever or whatever it was you came from and you were newly ready to Take It On and Go For It because Now Is The Time? Yeah, that. Oooohhh. I love that. Because the world is Here but it needs to Change? So beautifully cringing now. But I want more of that!

So in an earnest, lovely effort to get more of that I am reminding myself today to please don’t beat the earnest heart from out the thrush only to leave it to die– pounded and bloody, so multiveined– in the driveway. No! Start a blogette, you see, and mount it on cyber wall for all ethered eternity. Yes!

I find on a clear morning you can hear the past quite well.

What it is: an addendum to this Washington Post piece produced in 2005 (the most earnest of all possible years, already eight years ago now) this for Scotland’s Radio Magnetic, which had a Beijing Bureau until, one day, it didn’t.

Poof. I turned in the keys!

Ps– do you also love that your 20s notebooks might just yield up a few still thriving poems that your heart can yet pick up from the driveway and you find it is all beating? You must keep these notebooks and their many treasures forever and always even if it is just to hold up the short end of the table and to remind you, yes, you! daily, of all awkward efforts and their many stern-faced attempts, however ongoing. Go on!

Take this jejune bug! Fly!