A Memory Worthy of an Aftertaste

loveSometimes when you’re 22, you ask a room full of Chinese students an essay question and you get a bunch of hum-drum la de da. Once in a while, you get this.

To follow is the indispensable compendium to go zero to sixty in 10 easy steps. I was teaching in China and I have no idea what prompted this list, but here it is and I am telling you there is good insight here. Go-to moves. I wish half the dudes in NYC had an eye to this stuff. The city would be a much happier place. I am sure this kid did really, really well in college and has gone on to an awesome life in the Chinese capital. Wherever you are—Zou!

To win over the opposite sex, it means to be the only one in his or her heart. So, it is important to attain attraction and a good impression of the opposite sex.

Now, assuming you as a young boy, I will give you several approaches to gain the graces of some girl. But I would claim that they are just a suggestion, which means they cannot assure that you will win over a girl even if you perform them quite well.

1. EXPRESS CARE. All girls need another’s care and consideration. Especially on some trifles, it is easier to make her feel good. For example, it is plumb good to lend her a scarf in winter.

2. STRIVE FOR BEING WITH HER ALONE. Whatever the time, you had better strive for the opportunity to live with her alone. In that situation, you can give her a special impression directly and effectively.

3. BE AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE. In general, a girl will pay attention to the boy beside her. Therefore, you must sit as close to her as possible as you can at every party, which would give you a better opportunity to show yourself off.

4. ALLURE WITH FOOD. Girls are always interested in some food with excellent and exceptional appearance. So it is a good way to prepare a little of this kind of food usually.

5. MAKE A FORTUNE-TELLING. All girls are curious to anything like divination. So, it is easier for you to approach her if you are good at one or two things about that.

6. BORROW SOMETHING MUTUALLY. The proverb is to say: “Look at the thing and think of the person.” She must think of you if she has something from you. Therefore, it can strengthen the impression by borrowing something mutually, such as a book or pen.

7. STAND BY HER SIDE. It is easy to see that people are divided into two groups: men and women, just as pupils. She must like you more if you perform that you stand back from women.

8. GIVE A SMILE. Give her a cordial smile when you see her. If she feels good when with you, she will get a memory worthy of an aftertaste.

9. DRAW A PROFILE OF HER. It is the simplest way to curry favor with her. The more lovable the figure, the better the effect. So, take some measures to learn some skills about this from now on.

10. PERFORM INTIMATELY. You can express your care about her by some little actions, like to whisk the dust off her clothes or to deliver a handkerchief timely. But be careful, never be blatant, untimely, or she may refuse you and feel disgusted.