Radio, Meet Internet

pharcydeI for realz love the radio. If I had a car I would drive it just to be in the presence of FM and, sometimes, AM. I would probably get a secondary device to lend an ear, as needed, to police dispatches because that’s good too. I love talk radio, especially when it gets crazy in the middle of our country, and I can get it on with HOT97. I have been more than a little concerned about the welfare of some of their hosts.

I am very okay with classics and am only somewhat dismayed but believe it broadly right that “classic rock” should now include all the stuff (Third Eye Blind! Blind Mellon! Pharcyde!) from when I was in high school. We are all aging and dying and never to live again and we can’t stop this process so let’s just keep going.

Anyway, I recently got my hands on this little dynamo and I have not looked back—that was one Jacksonian bill very well spent (and I do not have a whole stack of Jacksons lying around, let us speak in a language that is clear.)

Despite diverse and abiding interests, most of the time I have my dial tuned to NYC’s classical station, WQXR (full disclosure for no good or useful reason: I used to “work” for that station aka bang out really flat lousy copy that went up and then down in a haze of web smoke. It was fun until it was not. So it goes.)

Tonight found me in my usual spot at the sink, bopping along with some dish rag while the good Bob Sherman held court over a selection of Mozart and Ravel favorites as performed by the formidable and super, super young Lysander Piano Trio

Then my own dear radio caught again the voice of Sherman as he closed his program with this extraordinary little “radio meets internet” moment that proved a spontaneous celebration of, in Sherman’s words, how “the internet makes all this communication possible! So wherever you are– if you’re in China or if you’re in Australia– you can listen to whatever program you like. You can listen to this program again if you liked it!… So join us again on WQXR– or anywhere in the world if you’re online.”

I mean… Radio, I just love you. And internet, you crazy thing, you are mystifying!