Urgent Note to a Homesick Friend

London 3PQ– Hang in sweets– it is always tough to leave dear and familiar loved ones for the unknown of outer space that is life abroad but it’s so grand to do what you love and to live your dream– which you most certainly are!

I have to share with you the attached photos of these elderly old diaries I kept way back in 1988 when my family and I lived in London for the summer. I was gaga for everything but mostly for clotted cream and the London Dungeon. I was less gaga about spelling (“hart”??– I have just looked it up and to my chagrin it IS a word, note: Hart: an adult male deer, esp. a red deer over five years old. So I left my adult male deer in London oh yes I did.) London 2 London 1

Plus, I have always felt London and the broader girded north to be at their very best and finest in the cooler, so-called darker months when that pint comes so easily to hand and the dusting of white over cobblestone and Red Lion both are most fetching, most regal, most cozy.

I am in a bit Queen Elizabeth The Virgin Queen phase at moment (and by “big” I mean, like, sometimes I watch a PBS special and maybe parse a chapter in one of the books… not “huge” but “big” for me anyway…) and it’s atmospheric and chilly and heads roll as they must and should for fate of God and Country– Oh! Onward, the briny, merry olde!

Today I unspooled my “Let’s just sublet the place and take a year in Vietnam” line to A… it went over more like hinged pipe-cleaners than the winged and gilded filament but there is time and more and better will be done… Onward, to merry adventure!

Keep me posted and hope to see you whenever you are next over here. ENJOY. XXX + I heart London! CC