Sentence Structure

toyClara’s crying fits were so severe, so extreme, that she sobbed and screamed from the moment they dropped her off until they picked her up when she would be exhausted, horse.

I watched one afternoon as Ms. Jennings finally pulled Clara’s father aside to say, “We’re afraid she’s scaring the other children, your daughter.” And Clara’s father, because he is a man ever attuned to the constant slights of others and had been told, as all men are eventually told, that he lacks any sensitivity at all even though he, too, is swinging a search light, desperately wielding and swinging a search light, and because he is fastidious and, more to the point, furious, he said, “You mean my daughter is scaring the other children?” And he forced, with his question, Ms. Jennings to say, “Yes” and then, ultimately, to repeat her sentence properly: “Your daughter is scaring the other children.” He did this, I think, simply because he hated her sentence structure the first time around and because he could.