La La and Lum Lum: Pt 1

fiatLL: Happy New Year, SQUIDY!! Really hope we get to see each other in 2013!! I’m about to fly off to Syria/Iran for a few weeks but we HAVE to have a proper catch up soon… how the fuck are the wedding plans going?? The book???

Love ya xxx

LL: guuurrrll– Will you be careful pls/??? Gee just come to NYC we have hella jobs and hella squid. I mean what do you want over there that we don’t have? You can conduct assessment and do some monitoring and evaluation right here from the comforts of Union Square or even Brooklyn if you want to. Other news: do you feel like I really urgently in a squid-like way NEED this dress? Or is this kind of a back burner issue at this time? Criticality. ps– wedding this summer, at which point you are flying out of Iran and into NYC to attend and/or participate. Mark it.

LL: Am I a craaazy biiiyy-acche or what?? I have been bombarding Frankie’s email/facebook hoping to get a last minute invite to his wedding this weekend and so far no word. I can’t take it. this is such insanity. Should I start trolling Manhattan churches?? It’s really hard to know what to do….

LL: Ha! I met his wife to be in Liberia – before she met Frankie! – but I definitely have no idea where their nuptials are… Stalking a groom on his wedding day just has to be on a ‘must do before you die’ list somewhere so I say embrace the insanity!! Much better to cross it off the list this way than to aim at getting there in time to make a stand when asked if anyone has any objections. My little Lum Lum! Just keep me posted on when the happy day will take place so I can book leave!! Xxxx ps – the bloody Internet won’t let me get a look at that dress for some reason…

LL: Ok I am working on this but they are not making it easy. Why?? Here is what i have found so far:

but they didn’t fill much out, only their registration information, so crash possibilities are complicated by prospect of acquiring said registration item, showing up at wrong church and then trailing/traipsing city with said registration item ignorant of said church.

I have my trench coat and dark glasses on. How does a person do this? I don’t know. It’s Friday night, Kozi is assed out asleep and I’m reading about Japanese bars I can’t afford to go to. We are a bleak pair, ooommm.. I want that dress. Will that dress make everything better? I want that dress. It will allow me to accomplish all my goals in life. It will. It is king, and its work will be easy, chiefly because I have no goals.

I feel bad for myself! I feel bad for Kozi! I feel bad for Frankie and Ellie but I feel very, very good for the people of Iran and Syria, both, because YOU will soon be there among them and within them, developing and monitoring and evaluating all! Your aid work is an aid.

I will conduct further explorations on Japanese bars now. Dark glasses counteract a bright screen. I wish you many beautiful landings.

Goodbye! Goodbye La La!